What the Teacher Taught:
Remembering Ruth Lilienthal

     This website is dedicated to the memory of Ruth Silverman Lilienthal, who taught at Hunter College High School from 1930 to 1962. Beginning with many of her students' recollections of her, the site then features her correspondence with me, and my comments on our changing relationship from 1939 until the 1990's. Also I try to explore some of the lessons she taught, both on purpose and by example.

Carolyn H. Rhodes, Editor

Ruth Silverman Lilienthal
PART I documents the development of this memorial project and gathers the recollections of over 50 of Mrs. Lilienthal's students at Hunter.  Also, I have selected passages from Mrs. Lilienthal's letters to me that treat topics of interest to her students.
Students' Recollections: -- As We Knew Her
-- Classes and Beyond
-- Topics in RSL's Letters
About this
Memorial Project:
-- About HCHS
-- Questionnaire
-- Contributors
PART II surveys my memories of RSL as a mentor during my three years at Hunter and then in college. My recollections and passages from her letters convey aspects of her personality and dramatize her efforts in guiding me.
PART III treats Ruth's letters to me after we moved beyond our teacher-student roles. We became lasting friends. Even though our lives diverged, we stayed in touch from 1945 until her death in 1997.
Keeping in Touch
PART IV. Further sections are in progress, including Acknowledgements.

Chronology: Ruth Silverman Lilienthal
Editor: Carolyn Hodgson Rhodes

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