Carolyn Hodgson Rhodes,


              This picture of me with Ernest Rhodes was taken in May 1990, on my 65th birthday.  In that month I retired from Old Dominion University.


       I was born in Alabama in 1925 and returned to spend many summers there after my family moved to New York City in 1929.  We lived in Jackson Heights and I attended P.S. 69, Queens, through the 8th grade, then Hunter College High School from September l939 through June, l942.

       In the opening section of this website, "As We Knew Her", I have referred to spending my college years in Alabama and returning to New York City to study psychology at Columbia University in 1945. I completed my M.A. there in 1947.

       My husband, Ernest Meyers, taught at the University of Kentucky, in Lexington, from 1948 until his death in 1957.  Our son Richard was born in 1949 and our daughter Babette in 1951.  Later, changing my field of study from Psychology to Literature,  I became an Instructor and earned my MA (1959) and PhD (1965) in English, specializing in American Literature.

       Then I taught at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, from 1965 until 1990, marrying Ernest Rhodes in 1969. I retired in 1990 as Professor Emeritus of English and Women's Studies. 

       Among my teaching specialties, I developed interdisciplinary courses in Utopian Studies, Women's Studies, and various approaches to Life Narratives, including Women's and Men's Autobiographies. Among my publications, the one most pertinent to this project is a reference book about women's autobiographies: First Person Female American, 1980.  Perry Library at ODU has archived my papers and publications.  A web site about women’s activities on our campus displays some pictures and articles about my career: go to , and click on Women’s Caucus and Women’s Studies. For feminist activism continuing after retirement, go to   where an 8.5 minute streaming video presents a history of the support group for Women’s Studies at ODU.