Chronology: Ruth Silverman Lilienthal

     Along with the usual dates, including birth, marriage, and death, this chart traces RSL's travels with Charles. Her description of their far-ranging ventures recur frequently in postcards and letters.  Traveling is an enthusiasm we gladly shared.



Ruth Silverman Lilienthal
December 5, 1908
Birth of Ruth Silverman
A.B. degree, Hunter College, and later M. A.

February 8, 1930

First appointed to teach Biology at HCHS, after temporary work at the high school and a Fellowship at Hunter College during 1928 and 1929
January 28, 1935
Married Charles Lilienthal
July 1941
Hospitalized for surgery
August 1941
Travel to Caribbean Islands
Summer 1949
Again hospitalized for surgery to remove an ovarian tumor
Summer 1949
South American trip to Columbia and Panama
Retired from teaching at Hunter
January 1963
Travel to Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, Ceylon, Bombay, Suez Canal, Europe
Travel to Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Russia
April 1970
Travel to Aruba, Curacao, Caracas, Trinidad
Travel to Portugal and Spain


Writes to me in Athens about her memories of travels to the Greek Islands and to Ephesus in Turkey

January 1986
Charles Lilienthal died
July 14, 1997
Death, after years of suffering with Parkinson’s Disease

October 4, 1997

Memorial Service at Dai Bosatsu Zendo in the Catskills.  At her request her ashes were buried there in Sangha Meadow. 

This poem is engraved on her stone:

Bamboo shadows sweep the stairs
Yet not even a speck of dust is swept
Moonlight penetrates to the bottom of the pool
Yet in the water no trace is left

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