These are Mrs. Lilienthal's former students whose recollections appear in this memoir.  Their graduation dates span the years 1936 until l966.  The short notations of their activities in later years show the wide range of their interests and careers.


The comments of these respondents appear in Part I.

1962 HCHS Yearbook

Name and Class

Career, Later Activities

Shirley Meri Adams, 1967 CEO Gaddum Centre
Harriet Whitman Aufses, 1944 Librarian, HCHS, retired
Paula Ballan, 1962 Family Counselor
Lisa Kurcz Barclay,1950 PhD in Psychology, Professor Family Studies,  retired
Jessie Nelson Barringer, 1951 (career?)
Louise M. Bayer, 1966 CFO of nonprofit organization
Miriam Burstein, 1941 Chair Department of English HCHS, retired
Anita Stoller Cocomello, 1966 PhD, Pharmaceutical Researcher
Mary Ann Adler Cohen, 1958 MD, Physician, Psychosomatic Medicine and  AIDS Psychiatrist, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry
Barbara Marzigliano Cortese, 1963 IT Disaster Recovery Manager
Anna Lee Filtzer Culp, 1943 (career?)
Helen Epstein, 1965 Author and Speaker
Rhoda Sragg Faller, 1964 High School Biology Teacher, Attorney, Artisan
Marian Cohen Fish, 1965 PhD, Professor of Psychology, Graduate Program Director
Marilyn Burger Fitz-Gerald, 1960 Various Posts in Airline Industry
Helen Finegold Friedman, 1963 Chair Fine Arts (Music and Art) Department HCHS
Karen Stein Gladstone,1958 Farmer, Raises Horses,  Master of Basset Hounds, Pastry Chef
Majorie Landsberg Goldsmith, 1961 Chair, Science Department, HCHS
Selma Golub, 1945 (career?)
Ina Alster Gravitz,1965 Librarian, Freelance Indexer
Anne Helen Greene, 1967 Translator, and Volunteer for NGO’s
Florence Buch Hacker, 1944 PhD in Biology, taught Physiology
Jenny Heinz, 1962 Psychotherapist, Activist for Non-Violence
Olive Roach James, 1946 University Library Director, retired
Lorraine V. Klerman, 1946 (career?)
Judith Klotz, 1964 Environmental Epidemiologist
Vicki Riba Koestler, 1967 Writer and Editor
Shirley Dushkind Kraus, 1936 PhD Physiology, Professor of Pharmacology and Physiology
Irene Gabriel Langley, 1944 Physiologist, Teamed with Physician
Laurel Levine,1942 Fifth Grade Teacher, Executive Secretary to President of a Structural Engineering Firm
Gladys Balbus Lipkin, 1942 Clinical Nurse, Author of Nursing Texts
Elizabeth Bacharach Lipman, 1963 College Teacher of English and ESL
Audrey Panczyk Maurer, 1951 PhD,  Director of External Programs at HCHS
Paula Nichols Menyuk, 1947 PhD, Professor Emerita, Boston University
Israela Gorin Meyerstein, 1966 Family and Couples Therapist
Ruth Misheloff, l951 Teacher of College English
Mirla Mintz Morrison, 1960 Teacher
Anita Valente Mule’, 1955 Teacher, Claims Adjuster, Homemaker
Susan Nowogrodzki, 1966 Ceramic Artist
Anne Olin, 1956 Dancer, Dance Teacher
Rita Pollack,  1953 Director of Disability Services. retired
LaVerne Lane Prager, 1952 Social Worker, Journalist
Nicola Provenzano-Genco, 1963 High School Principal, retired
Therese R. Revesz, 1963 Kentera Associates, LLC
Toni Farinella Rey, 1952 Family Therapist and Writer
Carolyn Hodgson Rhodes, 1943 PhD, Professor of English and Women’s Studies, retired
Judith Gorenstein Ronat, 1952 MD, Psychiatrist
Elaine Kravitz Rothman, 1943 High School Guidance Counselor
Ellen Samuels, 1962 Psychotherapist
Helen Hoffman Santiago, 1955 PhD, Medical Psychology
Susie Puderbeutel Schulman, 1944 Civil Engineer, then Stay-at-Home Mom
Amy Sheldon, 1960 PhD, Professor of Linguistics
Monica Freund Silver, 1953 20 years Full-time Homemaker; Professional Organizer
Elin McNaughton Vinci, 1942 University Administrator, Newsletter Editor
Rita Friedman Wexler, 1945 VP for Administration, Professional Examination Service (Public Health)
Stephanie Farbman White, 1955 Professor, College of Information and Computer Science

       A few contributors transferred from Hunter without being graduated.  For them, the year cited specifies their class membership. Also the list does not distinguish between January and June graduates. To save space I have tried to avoid naming institutions and organizations other than HCHS.

       When I refer to recollections found in published sources, like the autobiographies of Diane di Prima, 1951, and Nancy K. Miller, 1959, the passages I cite were in print before this project began, rather than written as contributions for it.

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