Transcription of Letter from Part 1: Topics in RSL's Letters

Dear Gay Young Thing,

Chinese War Relief sells
this paper without a footnote
regarding its deceiving silkiness.
Holding one’s pen to the horizontal
course is like bearing down
on a plow to keep the furrow
in a rock-filled soil. My
poor Waterman is fast wearing
off the enamel from its teeth.
I hasten to reach the inner
pages of this booklet.

On the contrary, I’m very pleased
about your A in English Lit.
I shall enjoy living to see your
name listed in the New York Times
Book Section. That will
counterbalance the fact that
the only person whom I encouraged
to write, has to date sold only
one small story.

I shall be interested to see
whether the little science training
you’ve had will condition your
choices in the systems of
philosophy. Shall you be a
naturalistic monist, or a spiritualistic

dualist? Shall you bind yourself
to Bergson? Shall you begin with
wishes and spin logical thoughts

Random Harvest:
1- “A Tree Grows in Bklyn.” should be read
by every snob for discomfort, and by
every democrat for pleasure.
2- She who reads “Time” should also
read PM and “The Nation.”
3- I’m certain that if young person
ask for “The Moldau”, she will
hear Suretana's River.
4- So glad you enjoy the dancing.
In the nugget language of The
Subway ad, DON’T be discouraged,
Do be persistent.

5- Here I go stumbling again
among the bamboo ridges.
6- No, don’t tell me about your
delightful weather. I thank you.
The single days of proper weather
that we’ve had, have been like
swift dance steps that spin
right back into the month of
March. It always seems like a
cheating effrontery.

Yours against Fascism in
its obvious, subtle, and
obscure forms---


-- naught of the erstwhile Lochinvar?